1. The cost of living in Alaska has increased by

A.  3%      

B.  4.2%     

C.  Decreased by 1%


2. What are the major components of cost of living?

A.  Medical

B.  Transportation

C.  Housing

D.  Energy


3. Housing is the largest expenditure for the average Anchorage household.

A.  True

B.  False


4. What was the average sales price of a single family home in June 2019?


5. According to MLS records, this was the highest average monthly sales price since January 2011.

A.  True

B.  False


6. How many single family homes in all price categories were for sale in June 2019?

A.  858

B.  958

C.  1038


7.  Is this inventory higher or lower than June 2018?



8. Has the number of residential sales for the fist six months of 2019 increased or decreased compared to 2018?

A.  Increased by 7%

B.  Decreased by 7%

C.  Remained the same


9. Over the past 13 months, on average how many million dollar homes sell in one month?                         

A.  Less than one

B.  One

C.  More than one


10. How many homes sell between $400,000 and $500,000 in one month?

A.  20

B.  15

C.  36


11. Is the average sales price of an Anchorage condo increasing or decreasing?


12. What is the average sale price of an Anchorage condo?


13. Name three reasons why you should buy a condo?


14. Identify three ‘hot spots’ in the Anchorage market where those MLS districts have beat the average market stats?   


15. Including single family, duplex and multi family, how many housing units were permitted through May 2019?

A.  150

B.  250

C.  350

D.  More than 350



Answer Key: 1. A  2. All of the Above   3. True   4. $390,000   5. A   6. A   7. Lower   8. B   9. C   10. C   11. Increasing   12. $228,195

 13. Excellent Rentals, No Yard Work, Increase in Value   14. Girdwood, DeArmoun/Potter and Spenard   15. A