Every year, every month, every week and every day brings new information and challenges to our local real estate market.  Test your real estate knowledge by taking this quiz.  You might be surprised by the answers!


1. How many single family building permits were issued in Jan/Feb 2017?

A.   6       B.  16      

C.   36     D.  56


2. How many duplex units were issued?

A.   24     B.   34     

C.   14     D.   4


3. How many multi-family units were permitted?

A.  0     B.  30     C.  40      

D.  More than 50


4. Based upon your answer, would you categorize the residential permits as an increase, decrease or about the same as YTD 2016?

A.  Same   B. Increase

C.  Slight Decrease


5. Inclusive of all price ranges, this past week how many single family homes were for sale in Anchorage?

A.  787     B.  687   

C.  587     D.  387


6. This number is an increase or decrease from the same week in 2016?

A.   Increase by 100     

B.   Decrease by 100         

C.   Stayed the same

7. Comparing YTD 2017 to 2016 days on the market have increased or decreased?

A.  Increased by 21%      

B.  Decreased by 21%        

C.  Stayed the same


8.  Have the number of closed sales increased or decreased when comparing YTD 2017 to 2016?

A.  Decreased by 5%       

B.  Increased by 5%      

C.  Decreased by 9%       

D.  Increased by 9%


9. How many homes over $600,000 have a pending sale YTD?

A.  9        B.  19       

C.  29      D.  39

 10. Low residential inventory is creating stability in the market.

A.   True        B.  False


11. Fear of higher mortgage rates is a primary motivator for buyers at this time.

A.   True       B.  False


12. What is the average sales price of a condo YTD in 2017?

A.  $192,000     B.  $202,000     

C.  $212,000     D.  $222,000


13. Have condo sales increased or decreased YTD when compared to last year?

A.  Increased   by 24%      

B.  Decreased by 24%     

C.  Stayed the same


14. How many years has Dwell Realty been in business?

A.  4 years       B.  8 years        

C.  10 years


15. Where does Dwell Realty rank in sales volume 2017?

A.  Top 10 brokerages          

B.  Top 20 brokerages        

C.  Top 50 brokerages

Thanks for taking this quiz and for supporting Dwell Realty. We are only four years old this month and rank number six amongst all the brokerages in the state of Alaska. We appreciate your business.

Answer Key

1. A   2. D   3. A   4. C   5. D   6. B   7. B   8. D   9. C   10. A   11. A   12. B   13. B   14. A   15. A