1. What is the average rent for a two 

bedroom apartment in Anchorage?

A.   $800     

B.   $1,000   

C.   $1,200


2. Does the landlord include utilities in 

the above rental amount?


3. What does a three bedroom single 

family home rent for in Anchorage?

A.   $1,849  

B.   $2,149     

C.   $2,349


4. What is Anchorage’s vacancy factor?

A.   6.2%       

B.   4.2%       

C.   7.75%

5. What is the vacancy factor in the Mat-Su Borough?

A.   7.3%           

B.   8.3%          

C.   4.6%


6. When my son or daughter grows up, I want them to earn a good living by becoming:

A.   Lawyer     

B.   Chef          

C.   Carpenter



7. Have Anchorage condos increased or decreased in value in 2018 and by how much?

A.   Increased by 3.2%     

B.   Decreased by 1.6%        

C.   Stayed the same

8. How many million dollar homes have sold in Eagle River in 2018?

A.   One     

B.   Three    

C.   None


9. How many have sold in Anchorage?

A.   Five         

B.   Eight          

C.   Twelve         

D.   Sixteen


10. Averages are only indicators.  Has the average sales price for single family homes increased or decreased recently?


11. What is the average sales price of a single family home in Anchorage?


12. How many single family building permits have been issued through August 2018?


13. What was the average price of a hillside lot that sold in 2018?

A.   $140,000      

B.   $185,000         

C.   $220,000


14. What is the largest issue facing the real estate market today?

A.   Lack of inventory         

B.   Affordability            

C.   Alaska’s aging inventory


Answer Key   1. C   2. Yes   3. B   4. A   5. A   6. C   7. B   8. C   9. D   10. Increased   11. $377,000   12. 114   13. B   14. All of the Above