The National Association of Home Builders recently published a book on Home Buyer Preferences based upon age, income and other factors. So whether you’re thinking about buying a new home or remodeling, here’s a quiz to keep you up to date on what buyers are looking for.

1. It’s all about the kitchen so rank these four features by their desirability.

A. Central Island    B. Granite/Natural Stone Countertop    C.  Walk-In Pantry    D. Table Space for Eating 


2. Kitchen features to avoid:

A. Laminate Countertops (in expensive kitchens)    B. Wine Coolers (in modest homes)    C. Glass Front Panel    D.  Trash Compactor


3. All buyers would like to have what features in their kitchen?

A. Double Sink    B. Walk-In Pantry    C. Drinking water filtration    D. Recessed cans


4. What type of cabinets do buyers prefer?

A. stained wood cabinets    B. Contemporary Styled Cabinets    C. Traditional Style Cabinets?


5. Next on any remodeler’s or builder list is the master bathroom. What are the ‘must-haves’ for master baths?


6. Moderate income buyers want the following—yes or no?

A. Both Shower Stall and Tub in Master Bath    B. Linen Closet    C. Double Vanity    D.  Ceramic Tile Walls   


7. High income home buyers (over $150,000 income) want the following—yes or no?

A. Whirlpool tub      B. Dressing/make-up area       C. color tub, toilet and sink        D. skylights


8. So now you’re finished with the kitchen and master bath. What are the other most essential decorative features?

A. Ceiling Fan    B. Exposed Beams    C. Window Seats


9. Do buyers prefer a wood burning or gas fireplace?


10. What room do 94% of all home buyers find most desirable?

A. Laundry Room    B. Breakfast Nook    C. Two Story Entry Foyer


11. What percentage of home buyers in all income levels prefer the following:

A. Dining Room    B. Great Room    C. Living Room    D. Home Office

According to the national survey, 48% of home buyers in all income ranges want a mud room. In Anchorage, I bet that number jumps up to 100%. Not all builders and remodelers can do everything identified in the survey.  Everybody has a budget to work with so my advice is to start with the kitchen countertops and replace them with quartz or granite, add a ceramic wainscot in the master bathroom and a cool haiku ceiling fan in the living/great room.