Today is the last day for the Parade of Homes and I want to encourage you to visit the homes that are open from noon to 6 pm because there is something special about a brand new home. It is a blank page which a new homeowner can fill with their own dreams and memories. I love to sell new homes because they are free of the past. The turning of the soil, the fresh smell of the lumber drop, walking the subfloor creates the dreams of the future. There are thousands of parts to a new home and building one requires hundreds of hours of coordination and planning. Buying new allows a buyer to personalize their home and receive the benefits of advanced technology and design. Over the years, wiring, appliances, shingles, furnace and windows have all improved.  


This year there are only 24 homes entered into the Parade.  Anchorage’s new single family homes remain at record lows with only 113 permitted through July. Only Hultquist Homes, Spinell Homes and Troy Davis have built more than 17 homes so far this year. Home ownership is the dream and backbone for social stability and wealth creation in our country. Unfortunately, that opportunity is more expensive and has fewer choices. Popular new home communities include Huffman Timbers with 11 permits and Resolution Pointe 10. Under construction is Resolution Bluffs with unique and luxurious home sites from $239,000. WestGate, only minutes from Kincaid Park, has 8 duplex condos permitted on large R2A lots, giving condo buyers a unique opportunity to have spacious backyards. All three of these communities are open today. 


Anchorage has finally recognized its housing crisis and how it scrambles to solve the housing needs of almost 300,000 people has yet to be seen. But, one thing is certain. Anchorage needs to support its local builders. The need is great for basic efficient housing for the homeless andnew hillside developments for the growing families. In the Parade this year, you’ll visit ranch homes for baby boomers and entry level condos for the new millennial buyer.  


The primary objection to a new home is that it will cost more, perhaps as much as twenty percent according to national statistics. But what price can you put on a more livable floor plan, personalization, energy efficiency, smart and healthy living with improved air quality and no surprising or unexpected costs for repairs and maintenance.