Hultquist Homes

Hultquist Homes

Well known for crafting quality homes, Hultquist Homes is not only a quality builder but also one of the largest in the state of Alaska. Year after year, Hultquist Homes wins numerous awards for its quality and exceptional design. However, the awards that matter the most to Hultquist are satisfied homeowners and the honor of repeat customers. Hultquist Homes take pride in each step of the building process. 

Since 1980, the goal of Hultquist Homes is to provide the best values in Alaskan new construction. Their philosophy is quite simple: provide as much square footage as possible, using the highest quality of materials and talent available, at the best prices possible. 

Today, Hultquist Homes embraces the second generation as Dave and son, Cody, lead the team upholding the tradition while continuing to redefine the standards of excellence in the building industry. Cody’s vision for Hultquist brings fresh direction through new ideas, technological innovations and modern building practices.

Hultquist Homes believes that value is delivered to each buyer by providing the highest level of quality at the lowest price possible. They take pride in each step of the process of building your new home.


In addition to the ten-year structural warranty as provided by Anchorage Home Builders members, Hultquist Homes proudly leads the industry in a new two-year interior warranty which further reflects the confidence we have in our homes.

Hultquist Homes believes it is the responsible and reliable procedure to warrant the interior of our homes from the commencement on the recording date with a second one-year warranty period which shall commence on the first year’s anniversary date. The second warranty period mirrors the same terms in the Hultquist Homes’ one-year limited warranty document.

If, for some reason, you plan on selling your home within two years, please contact us to schedule your warranty service before you put your home on the market. Hultquist Homes will be there to do everything we can to help you achieve your goal. 

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